An important feature of Arts and Crafts pottery is the use of microcrystalline and macrocrystalline glazes. JW Art Pottery vases are available in both types of glazes. All glazes are lead free.

Macrocrystalline Glazes

The macrocrystalline glazes have a gloss to a semi-gloss surface. Crystals grow organically, making each vase unique. A few macrocrystalline glazes are shown below. For more examples, go to Portfolio.


Iron Saturate

Petrified Wood


Microcrystalline Matte Glazes

The dry matte glazes have a texture similar to river rock. Most have little or no shine. The glaze runs off edges, creating a halo around the design. Celery is very matte with a pebbly texture. Mustard has brown speckling. Jade and Olive resemble jade.







Microcrystalline Satin Glazes

The satin glazes have a slight sheen. Most of these glazes are applied in multiple layers to produce a graduated color effect. The first layer is dipped and subsequent layers are applied with a sprayer.


Aqua with Lavender

Sage with Slate Blue

Terracotta with Olive

Lavender with Purple



Celery with Terracotta

Bordeaux with Slate Blue

Weathered Copper

Weathered Bronze


Mustard with Caramel

Mustard with Jade

Aqua with Slate Blue

Melon with Olive



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